Diabetes Maintenance Care

Diabetes Maintenance Care

Every visit

Please bring your meter (or a recent meter download) and medication bottles to each visit. Also bring a 3-4 day log of blood sugars, insulin doses, carbohydrates and exercise.

Here are items to review at your visit for good diabetes care:

  • Recent changes or concerns¬†
  • A1c- target < 7% or lower if not having significant hypoglycemia
  • Blood pressure - target < 130/80
  • Foot exam and foot care
  • Insulin plan or other treatment: what's working and what to improve
  • Fitness plan/ways to be active
  • Monitoring 4 times a day or more if treating with insulin and using those numbers to improve treatment
  • Low blood sugar plan - always carry sugar to treat lows quickly, glucagon
  • High blood sugar plan - insulin correction doses, ketone testing
  • Insulin pump safety
  • Sick day care
  • Stress management
  • For women, contraception/pre-pregnancy plan



  • Lipids (cholesterol), creatinine (kidney function) and microalbumin (protein in urine)
  • Eye exam (Dr. Meredith at UNC Hospitals is a diabetes retina specialist 919-966-5296)
  • Flu vaccine in October or November
  • Dental visit 1-2 times a year


Additional vaccine

Pneumococcal vaccine (Pneumovax): one dose is recommended, and when you are over age 65, a booster dose is required.

The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) showed that people with Type 1 diabetes who keep blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible can reduce their risk of eye, kidney and nerve diseases. Note: The Campus Health fee does not cover charges for ophthalmology exams and dental visits.

Important Health Concerns to discuss with your doctor

  • Preventing heart disease (not smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol management and aspirin therapy)
  • Contraception/pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Preventing diabetes-related complications
  • What to do if you are sick
  • Alcohol use and its effect on blood sugar
  • Low blood sugar reactions: how to manage and prevent them
  • Healthy weight management with diabetes

Diabetes care involves what you do every day. Connect with our diabetes team for your care at UNC and look into our advocacy group, Heels and Hearts as a way to get to know others with diabetes, be a peer mentor, or participate in community service projects.