International Travel Clinic

Campus Health offers:

  • Travel Clinic Services for those UNC-Chapel Hill community members - students, post-docs, faculty and staff - who will be traveling internationally.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination for anyone age 18 and up.

Our goal is to prepare UNC-Chapel Hill travelers with appropriate health and security information as well as immunizations and medications to help reduce the risk of illness and injury related to international travel.

The travel clinic provides:

  • Information concerning health risks in destination countries. You will receive specific materials for your destination(s).
  • Administration of vaccines recommended or possibly required for your destination(s) to prevent illnesses.
  • Medications to help prevent malaria, altitude sickness and to self-treat diarrhea if it occurs while traveling.
  • Educational materials with helpful and up-to-date information about travel-related topics. Knowledge is empowering. We want you to know how to protect yourself against infectious diseases and other travel concerns.
  • Recommendations tailored to you and your itinerary taking into consideration your immunization and medical history, your current medications, allergies, your planned activities and type of accommodations.

A Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner with a Certificate of Travel Health from the International Society of Travel Medicine reviews each itinerary and questionnaire to prepare recommendations.

The cost for this service is $60 for eligible students; $75 for non-students. The charge for travel clinic services is assessed upon submission of the travel clinic questionnaire and is not refundable. There is not a separate charge for the appointment. Charges for vaccines and medications will be filed to insurance; patients are responsible for charges not covered by insurance.

Due to summer staffing, forms turned in after Wednesday, May 15th will not be processed and scheduled until after June 3rd.

Start taking the steps toward a healthy trip, including filling out a travel questionnaire as soon as you know your plans - about 3 months before your trip is a great time to start. Some travel vaccines take up to a month to complete. If proof of yellow fever vaccination is required for your destination, it is not valid until 10 days after administration.  So beginning this process weeks to days before departure is not ideal, but our travel clinic services can still be beneficial.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

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