Pharmacy FAQs

Who can have prescriptions filled at Campus Health Pharmacy and Student Stores Pharmacy?

Any patient eligible for services at Campus Health may use either Campus Health Pharmacy or Student Stores Pharmacy. Additionally, faculty and staff of the University may use either pharmacy.

Do you accept insurance cards?

Yes. Present your current prescription benefits insurance card to the pharmacy when you have your prescription filled.

Do you fill prescriptions written by my hometown provider?

Yes, if the medication is on the Campus Health formulary. A formulary is a continually updated selection of drugs that reflects the current clinical judgment of the Campus Health professional staff.

Campus Health Pharmacy and Student Stores Pharmacy only fill prescriptions that are written for drugs that are on the Campus Health formulary. If your prescription is not on the formulary, the drug will be evaluated to determine if it will be added to the formulary. 

Do you have a $4 prescription list?

We do. See the $4 drug list.

Can I get a flu shot or COVID-19 vaccine at the pharmacy?

Yes. Flu vaccines or COVID-19 vaccines are typically available without an appointment during open hours at either pharmacy. Students and employees are encouraged to bring their insurance card so that the charge for the vaccine will be filed to insurance. Medicare plans are not accepted at the pharmacy. 

Refer to the pharmacy page to see current vaccine availability.

Can I transfer a prescription to your pharmacy?

Yes, any prescription can be transferred providing the medication is on our formulary. Tell us the name and telephone number of the pharmacy where your prescription was last filled; we will call that pharmacy and transfer your remaining refills to our pharmacy. If your prescription is not on the formulary, you may request that we evaluate the drug to determine if it can be added to the formulary.

How can I get a copy of my prescription records?

We do not release any information regarding your pharmacy records without your permission. You may fax or mail a Release of Health Information Authorization form to the pharmacy to authorize release of your pharmacy records.

Do you take back unused drugs?

Take your expired or unused medications to the green drug take-back box at Student Stores Pharmacy.  Student Stores Pharmacy is registered with the DEA as a certified collector.  Non-prescription and prescription medications, including Controlled Substances, can be placed in our drug take-back box.  No needles, liquids, or aerosols are allowed.

Due to health regulations, monetary credit cannot be given for unused medications.

How do I pay for my prescription?

We accept cash, Visa and MasterCard (including HSA), Discover, check, UNC One Card, electronic payment (for example, Apple Pay) or you can transfer charges to your student account at Connect Carolina.

Do you sell pseudoephedrine products?

Yes. Come to the Healthy Heels Shoppe or Student Stores Pharmacy to indicate the product you wish to purchase and bring your photo identification.

Do you sell emergency contraception such as generic Plan B?

Yes. Generic Plan B is available for $11 at both pharmacies and at our vending machines at Rams Head Recreation and the Carolina Union. ella® is available by prescription only, and a prescription can be issued by our Clinical Pharmacist Practitioners at Campus Health Pharmacy and Student Stores Pharmacy. Learn more about emergency contraception options.

I need my prescription refrigerated but live in a residence hall room. What should I do?

Housing offers package refridgeration for medication. Please notify the Residential Communication Services Manager, 919-962-3695 prior to shipping to arrange for special handling.

If a patient doesn’t have proper refrigeration in their residence hall room for medication, they need to purchase a small refrigerator and keep temperature checks on it. 

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