Your Health Care Provider

Choosing Your Provider

Campus Health encourages students to actively participate in their healthcare decisions. Students may choose or will be assigned a Primary Care Provider to coordinate their care. Upon request, students may change providers at any time. View Campus Health's current medical providers.

Questions to consider when choosing a Campus Health provider

Do you:

  • have a good relationship with your provider? 
  • feel comfortable with your provider? 
  • feel like a partner in your healthcare? 
  • feel comfortable asking questions? 
  • prefer a male or female provider? 

Does your provider:

  • understand your concerns? 
  • listen carefully and answer all your questions? 
  • fully explain your condition so you can understand your body and your health? 
  • discuss your treatment options and give you choices? 
  • give you information on how to care for your own health?

All of our providers want to help you thrive, but you can always change your provider via portal request, online when scheduling, or when you call to make an appointment. 

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