Campus Health offers a full-service lab providing in-house testing for hematology, urinalysis, STI, and point-of-care tests.

How Long It Takes

The time taken depends on the test, although most in-house tests are performed while the student waits.

Laboratory Hours

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Monday - Friday

Obtaining Results

Patients may obtain test results from their provider, and some results may be posted to the web portal.

Charges for Lab Tests: Your Insurance, Your Privacy, Your Choice

Understanding the billing process for lab tests is helpful, especially when considering tests of a sensitive nature.  

Default to Insurance

By default, Campus Health bills your insurance for lab test charges. Typically, insurance companies send an explanation of benefits to the insurance policy holder (the main person on your insurance plan) when there are charges.  

  • Family Insurance Plans: If you are covered by your family member’s insurance plan, the insurance company will send the policy holder - your family member - an explanation of benefits for any lab tests performed. 
  • Student Insurance Plans: If you have the System Wide Student Health Insurance Plan or Student Blue, you, as the policy holder, will receive the explanation of benefits. 

Your Decision Matters

If you would rather not use your insurance, let your provider and the lab staff know before any tests. This puts you in control, but remember, it means you will be covering the charges. 

Please note lab results from Campus Health or our outside reference labs maybe published to health portals. This information could be accessible to anyone that has a log-in to your account.


If you are not using insurance or you are out of network, you will be responsible for paying for lab tests. Keep in mind, the prices below might change, and there could be extra fees for handling and administration. If your results are positive, more tests or treatments might be needed, with added costs.

  • Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis - $91.50
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test - $60
  • Chlamydia only - $30
  • Gonorrhea only - $30
  • Syphilis - $9
  • Herpes Type 1 and 2 IgG (blood test) - $66.75
  • Wet prep (this test will identify the presence of yeast, bacterial vaginosis, and trichomonas) - $22
  • Urine pregnancy test - $15
  • HIV 4th Gen blood test - $29

Paying for Tests

  1. Wait for your test results, which you typically receive within 2 business days. 
  2. Call the Campus Health Billing Office at (919) 966-6588 once the results come through. 
  3. Choose how to pay: cash, check, UNC One Card, or MasterCard/Visa. 

If lab test payment is not received, the charges will post to your University student account. To protect your privacy, Campus Health will not post medical details on your student account. An itemized statement can be provided upon request. 

Outside Provider Lab Orders

Campus Health does not accept lab orders from providers outside of Campus Health. Please make an appointment with a Campus Health provider if you would like to discuss having a lab performed by the laboratory at Campus Health. A discussion is not a guarantee the Campus Health provider will order the labs on behalf of the non-Campus Health provider.  Outside lab orders are often complex and specialized.

COVID-19 Testing

Campus Health provides COVID-19 testing via nasal swab for symptomatic patients.  COVID tests that are typically available at Campus Health include rapid PCR and molecular COVID tests as well as PCR tests that are sent to a reference lab (Lab Corp). These tests must be ordered by a Campus Health provider. Charges apply for these tests. 

Please call 919-966-6563 with any questions.

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