Yellow Fever Vaccine

Campus Health has been designated as a site to distribute vaccines for Yellow Fever to any community member 18 years or older. Details for how to do this are below.

How can I find Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Yellow Fever Vaccines are available at clinics who are registered as a Yellow Fever provider with the CDC.

Who can receive a Yellow Fever Vaccine at Campus Health?

Campus Health will give Yellow Fever Vaccine to those persons age 18 and up. You do not have to be a student at UNC-Chapel Hill in order to receive a Yellow Fever Vaccine from Campus Health. 

How much does Yellow Fever Vaccine cost?

Campus Health will submit the charge for the Yellow Fever Vaccine and injection to your insurance. Campus Health is in-network with most major insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, and United. Your insurance may not cover the cost of the Yellow Fever Vaccine. You will be responsible for any charges not covered by your insurance company. The charge for the Yellow Fever Vaccine, including the vaccination injection fee, is $200. Additionally, there is a $25 assessment fee that is charged for the review of the yellow fever questionnaire upon submission.  This charge is not covered by insurance.

How do I make an appointment to receive Yellow Fever Vaccine at Campus Health?

If you are a student or post-doc at UNC Chapel Hill, please make an appointment with our International Travel Clinic

If you are not a student or post doc at UNC Chapel Hill, please submit a completed Yellow Fever Vaccine Questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us determine if you meet the criteria to receive Yellow Fever Vaccine. You may submit this questionnaire via fax, in person at Campus Health Pharmacy in the basement of UNC Campus Health, or via email to [email protected]. A $25 yellow fever vaccine assessment charge will be billed to you upon submission of this questionnaire. This charge is in addition to the $200 charge for the yellow fever vaccine. You will indicate on this form your preferred time slots for an appointment. A travel health provider will review the questionnaire and contact you regarding whether you are eligible to receive the vaccine, and you will receive an appointment time.  

What will happen when I come in for an appointment?

After you check in at the front desk, you will go to the Immunization Clinic on the first floor of Campus Health. The immunization nurse will give the Yellow Fever Vaccine.

How will I park at Campus Health?

A parking permit and map will be sent to you when we send you the time and date for your immunization appointment. 

Will Campus Health provide my other travel medications and vaccines?

Yes, if you opt to use our International Travel Clinic.  We offer a comprehensive travel service, including travel vaccines and medications, online travel education, provision of a comprehensive travel report, malaria maps, educational materials, and personalized recommendations for your itinerary. You do not have to be a student to use these services. See more information at our website for the International Travel Clinic. You will not need to fill out the yellow fever vaccine questionnaire if you are using our comprehensive travel service. 

Note that if you submit the yellow fever vaccine questionnaire, you will be electing to receive yellow fever vaccine only.  If you submit the international travel questionnaire form, you will be utilizing the comprehensive travel services of our International Travel Clinic.

What if I only need a Yellow Fever Card replaced?

If you need a yellow fever vaccine waiver, or if you need an ICVP (yellow card) reissued for a yellow fever vaccine that was not given by Campus Health, and you are not otherwise utilizing our travel clinic, there is a $20 charge.  This charge is not billed to insurance and will be your responsibility to pay.

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