Who Can Use Campus Health and CAPS?

All students and Postdoctoral Fellows who pay the current term Campus Health Fee can use Campus Health and CAPS. 

Spouses of degree-seeking students and Postdoctoral fellows can receive care at Campus Health and CAPS once they:

  • Show proof of insurance
  • Show proof of their marriage or a notarized affidavit of domestic partnership
  • Pay the current term health fee

Part-time and distance learning students can receive care at Campus Health and CAPS by showing proof of insurance and paying the current term health fee.

UNC-affiliated individuals (meaning faculty and staff) can access Campus Health Pharmacy, Student Stores Pharmacy, Dental Clinic and International Travel Clinic.

When does my ability to use Campus Health and CAPS begin and end?

Students who pay the Campus Health Fee during an academic term can receive care until the start of the next term.

Students not enrolled in summer classes can receive care during the summer months by paying the summer  Campus Health Fee. These students must have also paid the Campus Health Fee for the previous spring semester.

Some students that move in before the university opens for a term can receive care before the term begins. This applies to Resident Assistants, certain athletic teams, and other specific groups.

Graduates can receive care at Campus Health and CAPS for thirty days after graduation.  

Who cannot use Campus Health / CAPS?

If you do not pay the Campus Health Fee you cannot receive care at Campus Health / CAPS. Examples of UNC programs that do not require students to pay the health fee include, but are not limited to, distance programs (including online and off-campus), non-degree and certificate programs, and employee fee waivers. Distance and part-time students can opt to pay the health fee for that term and show proof of insurance to access care at Campus Health and CAPS.

Please note that all UNC-affiliated persons are welcome to use the Campus Health Pharmacy and Student Stores Pharmacy. 

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