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Patient Communication Needs

Campus Health is committed to providing all services necessary to communicate effectively with patients.  Examples of patients with communication needs include patients who do not speak English, who may be blind or deaf, or those who have temporary communication impairment. Use of the patient’s friends and family should be used only when no other interpreter is available and only after assessing other applicable variables in patient’s care (type of treatment being received, visible ease vs. anxiety from patient of having family/friend serving as interpreter). 

Options for support include:

  1. Language interpretation – Pacific Interpreters® provides a personal interpreter for language services. Offer the Language Identification Guide in face-to-face encounters to determine which language a person speaks. This guide is divided into geographical regions and instruct the patient point to their language. The Language Identification Guide is located in each clinical area at the nursing station. The interpreter is provided at no cost to the patient. To connect to an interpreter, dial 1-866-421-3463. At the prompt, enter the Campus Health access code 847768. For any questions about this service, contact customer service at 1-800-324-8060 or customersupport@pacificinterpreters.com. UNC Hospitals is another source for interpreter services, 919-966-1293.   
  2. Sign interpretation – UNC Chapel Hill Accessibility Services currently contracts with Fluent Language Services if sign interpreters are indicated. To arrange for these services, call Accessibility Services Director, 919-962-8299.  
  3. Hearing Impaired -- Hearing impaired students can reach Campus Health through the phone company’s “Telecommunications Relay System” (Relay North Carolina) 24 hours a day, every day by dialing 711. 
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