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Nursing Staff

Michelle Camarena

Director of Nursing and Performance Improvement

At Campus Health since: 2005
Education: B.S. in Spanish and Nursing, M.S. in Nursing all from East Carolina University
Experiences: Infection control committee co-chair, working in college health since 1998
Special Professional Interests: Infection control
Other interests: Travel

Maya Almasy, RN

Professional Nurse

Maya has her Associates in Applied Science degree from Wake Tech and a BA in Performance Arts from Middlesex University. She is a certifed Pediatric Nurse and has been working in college health since 2009 and in nursing since 1993.

Shawanda Bass

Medical Assistant

Adam Dovenitz

Professional Nurse dovenitz@email.unc.edu

Originally from: Adam is from Durham, NC

Joined Campus Health: October 2020

Family: His parents live in Durham. He and his partner Leslie live alongside their cat, Morty.

Professional/Educational Background: Adam received his undergraduate degree in biology from Warren Wilson College and his BSN from Western Carolina University. He worked at UNC Medical Center on the medicine progressive care unity for several years and most recently at the UNC Infectious Disease Clinic.

Hobbies/Sports: Disc golf, air hockey, table tennis

Pets: One cat, Mordecai (Morty)

Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach work? The head nurse at the Warren Wilson College Student Health Center where I worked for four years while in undergrad.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I am state ranked in air hockey.

Marcia Farrish

Medical Assistant myvonne@email.unc.edu

Originally from: Cedar Grove, NC

Joined Campus Health: September 2017

Professional/Educational Background: She has attended Louisburg College and Durham Technical Community College.

Hobbies/Sports:  Football, Baseball and Running

Interesting facts: In High School Marcia was all conference in Shot Put and Discus.

Demetria (Demi) Gibson she/her/hers

Registered Nurse

  • Joined Campus Health: October 2021
  • Originally from: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Professional/Educational Background: Demi has an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and BSN in Nursing with a minor in Health Science Education
  • Family: Husband, Chad, of 21 years; Daughter, Mary is a Junior at Ohio State; and Son, Sean, is first year at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Hobbies/Sports: Demi enjoys hiking, gardening, and exploring new restaurants and cuisines
  • Pets: A 5 lb Chihuahua named Bosa
  • Work influence: Demi has been influenced by every nursing instructor she’s had and gave a special shout out to Florence Nightingale for putting us on the map as a respected profession
  • Work accomplishment: Teaching Pre-Nursing classes as part of high school career and technical education because she felt honored to encourage the next generation of nurses.
  • One thing most people don’t know: “I was a food scientist for companies like Tropicana and Pepsi before I became a nurse, which was not nearly as rewarding as patient care.”

Kristen Hancock

Professional Nurse krish22@email.unc.edu

Joined Campus Health: August 2019

Originally from: Kristen grew up in Asheville, NC.    

Family: She has 2 daughters, their ages are 9 and 12.

Professional/Educational Background: Kristen has a BSN from UNC-CH. She has a public health background with disease intervention.

Hobbies/Sports: She enjoys playing golf, watching football, watching basketball and fishing.
Books/ Movies/Podcasts: Her favorite movies are the Star Wars Franchise.  

Pets: She has 2 dogs, a Yorkie named Mighty Jo and a Husky named Luna Ghost.
Interesting Fact: Kristen played basketball at UNC Asheville.

Jami Lincoln

Professional Nurse jamilou@email.unc.edu

Originally from: Jami is originally from Raleigh, NC. She currently lives in Hillsborough.

Joined Campus Health: July 2020

Family: Her husband’s name is Nick. She is close to her mom, sister, and brother-in-law.

Professional/Educational Background: Jami received her ADN at Durham Tech and did her clinical rotations at UNC.  

Hobbies/Sports: She enjoys reading, hiking, watching movies, and traveling.

Pets: Jami has two orange tabby cats, Walter and Donny.

Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work? Her previous Assistant Director of Nursing, Carolyn. She was phenomenal. Jami said she was professional, yet kind and friendly. She was very experienced and very smart.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of? Jami hit her 15 year mark of being an RN as of June 2020.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?  Jami has an English degree from NC State.

Kevin Manzano

Medical Assistant

Joined Campus Health: September 2021

Originally from: Sanford, NC

Family: 2 sisters

Professional and Educational Background: High school diploma, medical assisting certification

Hobbies/Sports: Soccer, Basketball

Who has influenced you the most when it comes to how you approach his work? "My dad has taught me how to be a hard worker."

Denhora Mendez

Professional Nurse denhora.mendezjavier@unchealth.unc.edu

Originally from: Denhora is originally from Michoacán, Mexico.

Joined Campus Health: July 2020

Family: She is a mom of two.

Professional/Educational Background: Denhora has been a nurse since 2018 and also works for the Cardiac Unit at the Medical Center. She went to school at UNC School of Nursing.  

Hobbies/Sports: She loves to zipline, kayak, and jog.

Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work? Her UNC professor who taught her pediatric course, Lisa Woodley.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of? Denhora works very well with pediatric patients and keeps calm in stressful situations. She is able to go with the flow.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? She loves the beach.  

Vicki Pratt

Medical Assistant vlynne@email.unc.edu

Allie Waters

Professional Nurse allienic@email.unc.edu

Joined Campus Health: December 2019

Originally from:  Allie is originally from Pottstown, PA.  

Professional/Educational Background: Allie has her Kinesiology degree from Penn State University and her BSN from Drexel University, and she has worked on the surgical floor in a hospital for the last 10 months.

Family:She has two younger brothers and her mom is one of ten kids, she has a really big family!  

Hobbies/Sports:  Allie enjoys going to the beach, going boating, gardening, and reading.      
Pets: She has a dog named Peyton that is back in Pennsylvania with her family.   
Interesting Fact: Allie is half Filipino  and has over one hundred family members still in the Philippines that she keeps in touch with.

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