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Campus Health Fee and Charges/Payments

The Health Fee is a mandatory fee that every eligible student at UNC-Chapel Hill pays through fees/tuition each term.

Campus Health Services are available to all eligible students that are paying the current term Health Fee.

This fee entitles students and PostDoctoral Fellows to services at Campus Health Services. The Health Fee covers most provider visits, excluding specialty clinics. Due to the ever-increasing cost of providing health care, we do charge for specific services which students may need.

We recognize that many students have limited financial resources; and we make every effort to keep these additional charges to an absolute minimum. Because of our size and scope, we are able to keep costs very low.

The Campus Health Fee for 2017-2018 is $190.55 per term.

Summer Health Fee

A UNC-CH student who is not enrolled in Summer School but remains in the area during the summer months can pay the 2017 summer health fee which is $61.50 per session and receive care at Campus Health Services.