Diabetes Care

At Campus Health, diabetes care is provided by a team of providers with specialized diabetes knowledge including physicians, dietitians, and a pharmacist who is also a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES).

Diabetes Health Information

For the best diabetes care, visit your diabetes care provider at least every three months. This helps your provider know you when you are well and take better care of you if you become ill.

Appointments can be made by phone or through the Healthy Heels portal.

  • By phone, mention that you have diabetes, which will help ensure that enough time is scheduled for your appointment. You may also indicate which of the team members you would like to visit. If you are ill, call early.
  • On the portal, fill in the notes section with your diabetes care needs. You may also indicate here which of the team members you would like to visit, as some of them are not listed in the provider dropdown menu.

For your appointment, bring:

  • Your glucose meter, insulin pump (if you use one), and/or CGM (if you use one),
  • Any medications you are currently taking, and
  • A recent log of your insulin, blood sugars, and carbs.
  • If you are a new patient:
    • Fill out the Diabetes Questionnaire. This helps us provide care for you in case of unexpected illness.
    • Request that your provider send your recent diabetes records to the contact info on the questionnaire above.

Emergency/After-hours Care
Please review the Same Day Care/Extended Services information.

Get Involved

Campus Health sponsors Type 1 Tar Heels, a diabetes advocacy student organization. Come see how we're using our diabetes experiences for community service, outreach, support, and fun.