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Primary Care

Each patient is assigned a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and clinic team to promote continuity of care. You may change your Primary Care Provider by giving us a call at any time. Visit our Meet the Staff page to learn more about our providers.

Primary Care Services include wellness and preventive care, injury care and treatment for acute and chronic medical conditions. Examples include:

CHS provides some specialty services, some of which may require referral (from the PCP).  Examples include Physical Therapy, Orthopedics and Travel Clinic.  Additional charges may apply.  We offer referrals for off-site specialized health care needs that are beyond the scope of our practice.

CHS is an in-network provider for the health insurance plans used by the vast majority of students and post-docs at UNC. See our page on processing insurance claims for the most up-to-date information regarding Campus Health's in-network status with specific insurance plans.