Who Can Order X-Rays

XRay of a kneePatients must be seen by a Campus Health provider to have x-rays requested.

Campus Health Radiographers do not interpret the films. Campus Health has radiologists to interpret the films.


There is a charge per study (regardless of the number of exposures made) which includes the fee for the radiologist's services.


Campus Health is an accredited health care organization and its services are generally covered by insurance plan.  See Using Insurance at Campus Health and see if Campus Health is in-network with your insurance.  Any charges not covered by health insurance, including deductibles and co-insurance, will be the patient’s responsibility.

Copies of films

If copies of radiographic studies are desired, a Release of Information Authorization Form should be completed by the patient and sent to Health Information Management. Some charges could apply for these copies. Time sensitive requests should be made in person in Health Information Management at Campus Health during regular business hours.

All Radiographers are American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certified or ARRT eligible.

Radiology Orders from Outside Campus Health

To receive radiology services, an appointment with a Campus Health provider is required. Primary care visits are covered by the Campus Health Fee. Therefore, there will be no additional charge for the office visit if the patient is a degree-seeking student or Postdoc that has paid the current term’s health fee.