Primary Care

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Our goal at Campus Health Services (CHS) is to offer UNC students and Postdoctoral Fellows quality medical care that is easily accessible and affordable. Primary Care services include wellness and preventive care, injury care, and care for acute and chronic medical conditions. 

File 1231We assign each patient a Primary Care Provider to promote excellent medical care and make every attempt to schedule you to see your Primary Care Provider at each visit. However, all the Primary Care Providers work as a team to increase flexibility in appointment times available to patients, so you may also see other providers for your acute needs.

If you need more specialized care, we can refer you to a specialist at UNC Hospitals or in the surrounding Triangle communities.

Some of the specialty services at CHS will require a referral from your Primary Care Provider. There may also be additional financial charges with some of the specialty medical services listed on the left such as orthopedics and dermatology. Please click the appropriate link for more specific information.