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Preconception care

If you're planning to become pregnant, consider scheduling a preconception appointment to set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Testing and Counseling

If you believe you are or might be pregnant, Campus Health can provide a confirmation pregnancy test. Call for an appointment.

A face-to-face conversation with a medical provider for non-directive pregnancy counseling is available regarding all pregnancy options and alternatives. As an eligible CHS patient, discussing your health needs with a medical provider at CHS comes at no cost to you. Your provider will discuss care options and, if necessary, refer you to an outside medical provider.

Pregnancy Care

Since 1997, Campus Health has provided excellent Obstetrics care to our students, post-doctoral fellows and their spouses and partners through a collaborative effort with UNC Healthcare’s Obstetrics physicians.  Over the last few years, however, Campus Health has experienced a decline in the number of patients accessing these services.  During the same time, Campus Health has experienced a sharp increase in the number of students and post-doctoral fellows requesting long-acting contraception services which involves procedures and extensive use of resources within our Women’s Health department.

To better meet the needs of our campus community, Campus Health has discontinued the acceptance of new patients into our Obstetrics program effective August 21, 2015.  Patients currently enrolled and receiving Obstetrics services will be cared for throughout the coming year. We will assist patients in need of Obstetrics care with a referral to  UNC Healthcare-associated practices within the community, including Chapel Hill North where our long-time OB-GYN physician, Dr. Mary Schlegel, maintains a practice in addition to the GYN services that she will continue to provide at Campus Health.

Campus Health will continue to provide pre-natal counseling and will assist patients through referrals to a convenient UNC Obstetrics practice.

CHS refers pregnant individuals/couples to UNC Healthcare affiliated practices-University Obstetrics and Gynecology Service or the UNC Family Medicine Program, these programs offer high quality at a reasonable cost.

Post-partum Support at UNC

Postpartum Support International - North Carolina Chapter

Postpartum Education and Support

Postpartum Education and Support's warmline can be reached by calling (919)-454-6946.  Leave a message and a trained survivor of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders will call you back within 24 hours. You can call this number for support or to find local resources.  

For resources specific to folks on campus, visit the Women's Center Parenting @ UNC page