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Possible Academic Interventions due to Medical Needs

Medical Excuses

We understand that your mental and physical health have an effect on your ability to be a good student. Please work directly with your faculty to address the impact of class absence due to an illness or medical condition. 

Per the Class Attendance Policy, “Instructors may work with students to meet attendance needs that do not fall within University approved absences. For situations when an absence is not University approved, instructors determine their own approach to missed classes and make-up assessments and assignments.” 

Attending an appointment at Campus Health does not necessarily mean your absence will be University approved.

If you need to provide documentation that you were seen at Campus Health, you can access this information via your secure patient portal and print out an appointment list to show the instructor. Alternatively, instructors can verify that a student was seen at Campus Health by contacting the Health Information Management Department 919-966-2283. Only appointment date and time will be shared.

There is a process for absence due to illness during final exam periods.

University Approved Absences for Significant Health Conditions

If your treatment provider determines your illness or injury meets the criteria for a University Approved Absence(s) per the Class Attendance Policy, they will communicate this information directly to the Office of the Dean of Students who will copy you on a notification sent to your faculty.

Under the Class Attendance Policy, an absence may be University approved only if it falls within the criteria below:

  1. Authorized University activities
  2. Disability/religious observance/pregnancy, as required by law and approved by Accessibility Resources and Service and/or Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office (EOC)
  3. Significant health condition and/or personal/family emergency as approved by the Office of the Dean of Students, Gender Violence Service Coordinators, and/or Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office (EOC)

Proof of attending a doctor’s appointment is not evidence of a significant health condition and does not meet the threshold for a University approved absence. Examples of a significant health condition may include (but are not limited to): emergency surgery, hospitalization, communicable diseases (i.e. tuberculosis, measles, mumps, and varicella), and severe injuries/conditions that immediately affects mobility and/or cognition, or acute exacerbation of a chronic mental health issue necessitating immediate stabilization. 

The University Approved Absence Office reviews requests as promptly as possible.  While it usually does not take more than 3 business days to review requests, please allow up to 10 business days for review of requests and consultation with other departments as appropriate.  So long as students get their absence request submitted to the UAAO in a timely fashion (within 5 business days after a student’s return and to have documentation delivered within 10 days if not attached to request), if a request is approved, faculty will be required to work with the student as noted under the Class Attendance Policy.

For more information about the Class Attendance Policy and/or the University Approved Absence Office, including the link to make a request for a University Approved Absence, FAQs, resources, and expectations, please visit General questions can be emailed to

For a Withdrawal, Underload, Course Drop, or Retroactive Appeal based on medical needs:

If you need to withdraw, take fewer credits than required (underload), drop a course after the first drop deadline has passed, or retroactively appeal to drop one class or all classes from a prior semester due to serious medical or psychological factors, it is strongly recommended that you meet with an academic advisor in your department, college or program to discuss the academic situation, explore your academic options and learn how to move forward with your needs.

  1. If you use a provider outside of Campus Health, have the appropriate documentation about the medical condition affecting your academic progress faxed to Campus Health at 919-966-6575.  This documentation should contain information about your diagnosis, prognosis and length of illness.
  2. Formally request a medical withdrawal/underload/course drop by submitting an email outlining the reason for your request i.e. how the medical condition impacted your coursework by emailing Andrew Brennick ( Address your request to “Whom it May Concern” and include your PID.  You must consult Academic Advising and please indicate in your request that you have done so. If you are requesting an underload, indicate the number of credit hours you would be taking.

NOTE: Campus Health medical withdrawals will be dated when the Campus Health process is complete, including the receipt of required documentation.  The withdrawal might be dated earlier in rare and extenuating circumstances.  Examples of this would include prolonged hospitalization or incapacitation.

Campus Health Academic Intervention contact: 

Andrew Brennick (

Fax (919) 966-6575 Phone (919) 966-6603   

Campus Health CB #7470

James A. Taylor Bldg. University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC 27599

See Counseling and Psychological Services for information on academic withdrawals, underloads, or final exam excuses due to psychological needs.