Online Travel Clinic Presentation

Welcome to the online travel clinic presentation! The presentation is made up of 5 modules that average less than 12 minutes and cover various travel-related topics. Travelers should review all 5 modules prior to receiving their travel immunizations and medications.

Click here to access online travel clinic modules.

You will not be able to access the modules until you have submitted your travel clinic questionnaire and have received an email from Campus Health giving you access to the Online Travel Clinic Presentation. 

Watch each module, answering the quiz questions as you go. View any of the links provided if you want to know more about a particular topic. All links from all 5 modules have been compiled in the Travel Links for More Information document on the right sidebar. 

Complete the final step to submit your ONYEN verifying your completion of the modules. 

You will have access to the online Travel Clinic Presentation Modules for 1 year. 

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