Medical Underload

*Please keep in mind that Medical Underloads can only be accepted within two weeks of the first day of class. Any requests for a Medical Underload outside that time frame would be considered a Medical Course Drop Request.

Medical Underload Process

  1. Consult with Academic Advising to see if a Medical Underload is appropriate.
  2. Email Andrew Brennick at to formally request a Medical Underload.
    1. Request should include the following:
      1. Address your request to “Whom It May Concern”
      2. Acknowledge that you have met with Academic Advising
      3. How the medical condition has affected your coursework
      4. How many credit hours you are looking to take with the underload
  3. In addition to the email, please have appropriate documentation from your treating health care provider about the medical condition affecting your academic progress. This documentation should…
    1. Contain information about your diagnosis, prognosis, and length of illness.
    2. Be submitted either by fax to Campus Health at 919-966-6575 or email to Andrew Brennick.

*If you were seen by a Campus Health provider, you will not need to submit this documentation since we have access to your health records at Campus Health.

  1. Once all paperwork has been received (email and documentation from the treating provider), it will be submitted to our Medical Director.
  2. If the paperwork is approved by our Medical Director, it will be sent to Academic Advising.