Course Drops and Retroactive Withdrawals

Medical Course Drop, Retroactive Course Drop, and Retroactive Withdrawal Process

  1. Consult with Academic Advising to see if a Medical Course Drop/Retroactive Course Drop/Retroactive Withdrawal is appropriate.
  2. Email Andrew Brennick at to formally request a Medical Course Drop/Retroactive Course Drop/Retroactive Withdrawal.
    1. Request should be addressed to “Whom It May Concern” and include:
      1. An acknowledgement that you have met with Academic Advising
      2. How the medical condition has affected your coursework
  3. Fill out the “Campus Health Evaluation and Release” form.
    1. Student will be required to fill out the top portion of the form including the courses and/or semester you are looking to drop and submit content for the bottom portion of the form.
    2. If seen by a non-Campus Health Provider, this provider will need to fill out the bottom portion of the form. Completed forms should be emailed or faxed (919-966-6575) to Andrew Brennick. *If unable to have non-Campus Health Provider fill out bottom portion, please provide appropriate documentation to Andrew Brennick to have the Medical Director review.
    3. If seen by a Campus Health provider, bottom portion of the form will be transmitted to that provider.
  4. Once all paperwork has been received (both the email and “Campus Health Evaluation and Release” form), it will be submitted to our Medical Director.
  5. Upon completion of review from Medical Director, form will be faxed to Academic Advising.
  6. Student will receive an email once it has been sent over. At that time, student is advised to complete their Online Appeal with Academic Advising.
    1. Academic Advising will consider an Online Appeal complete once they have received both the “Campus Health Evaluation and Release” form and Online Appeal.