Group International Travel Services

The UNC International Travel Clinic will come to you to provide the international travel clinic when you are a part of a group of 10 or more who are traveling with the same itinerary. Contact us at 919-966-9176 if you are interested in setting up a travel presentation for your group.

The group international travel clinic session allows all travelers in the group to receive information specific to your destination, obtain necessary medications and have time to ask questions.

For the educational component of the travel clinic, you and your group may elect to either:

  • View the online travel presentation modules ahead of time or
  • Have an in-person presentation by Travel Clinic staff at a convenient time and location which will provide a more itinerary specific travel presentation for your group. 

Participants will need to have individual immunization appointments for any vaccines needed.  Travelers must submit individual questionnaires at least 3 weeks in advance to receive individual recommendations and medications at the on-site time.

Special billing directly to schools or departments can be arranged for faculty and advisors traveling with the group. Call 919-966-9176 for more details.

Sharing and printing options: