Health Topics


Academic SuccessWe believe that all UNC students have the ability to be successful, and that success at Carolina requires commitment and hard work.

Alcohol and Other DrugsDecisions concerning alcohol consumption are a personal choice. We believe students should make informed use decisions.

ADHDADHD is a neurological condition that interferes with the brain’s executive functioning, meaning the management of thoughts, emotions and actions.

ADHD typically manifests itself in a persistent pattern that significantly hinders daily functioning.

Body Image & Eating DisordersWhat Are Eating Disorders?

Grief & LossGrief is a normal human response to loss but it can be difficult to navigate, especially as a student.

Meditation & MindfulnessThe benefits of mindfulness and meditation seem to be all over the news, on television, in movies and on social media. While it sounds intriguing, for many people the terms conjure images of robed yogis floating in the clouds.

NutritionHere at Campus Health, we believe food is fuel, nourishment, and something to be enjoyed. We think Tar Heels should eat fruits, veggies, fresh meats, dairy, whole grains and nuts and seeds, because they’re nourishing and delicious. We also believe that there are no bad foods.

Physical ActivityYou may have heard it before but we will say it again -- getting regular physical activity is a critical part of staying healthy. Moving your body every day helps stave off physical ailments and support your mental wellbeing. 

RelationshipsRelationships are an important part of our lives and can play a significant role in our emotional wellbeing.

Sexual HealthWe recognize the importance of sexual health in the overall health of student lives.

SleepSleep is more than just rest.

StressStress is a natural, unavoidable part of life and is not inherently good or bad. Stress can originate from an upcoming exam, disagreement with a roommate, grad school applications, unrealistic expectations (our own and others), transitioning to a new experience, etc.

Veteran HealthTransitioning from the military into university life can be a difficult and lonely process, resulting in a significant amount of stress. Student veterans face unique challenges that may interfere with academic success. Some of these complex issues include the following: