Check Your V.I.T.A.L.S.

Validate- validate your feelings, the "I don't want to...", there is a real reason for how you feel.

Imagine- imagine yourself doing it peacefully and productively.

Take Small Steps- break down the project into bite-size pieces.

Applaud Yourself- encourage your efforts, cheerlead, and coach. Enjoy the feeling of making progress on the project.

Lighten the Load- remember what you are getting out of by doing this. For example, reducing guilt, shame, or anxiety; avoiding the negative consequences of a bad grade; avoiding the disappointment of a parent or teacher, etc.

Sweeten the Pot- add something during or after that you like. Reward your efforts and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Used with permission from the Triangle Area D.B.T.; Developed by Wilkerson, Moorhead, Safransky, 2002

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