Mindful Conversation and Relationships

Full Attention: Simply, in your day-to-day conversations with others, practice giving your full, undivided attention to the other person, letting go of your judgments, opinions, grievances, clever insights, etc.  Instead focus intently on their presence and words. See what this does for your relationships.

Loving Kindness:  Compassion, which might be described as mindful attention to the well-being of ourselves and others, is more challenging but also more healing than you think.  Try this exercise and send out some warm vibes to yourself and others.

Sit quietly and silently say to yourself in a slow and deliberate manner:

  • May I…be safe and protected and free from inner and outer harm
  • May I…be happy and contented
  • May I…be healthy and whole to whatever degree possible
  • May I…experience ease of well being
  • Focus intently on your own well-being as you might imagine a loving parent or dear friend being able to do.
  • Then repeat this series of statements, each time substituting for “I” the name of a friend, family member, significant other, or casual acquaintance. Eventually expand the subject to a problematic relationship, a community, and all people (widening circles beginning with yourself).
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