Breathe Easy

Breath is targeted for relaxation exercises because you can't leave home without it.

Our breath is the simplest component of our lives, feeding our very existence. When you slow down and pay attention to your breath, you are able to appreciate calmness and your relaxed self.

Breathing exercises can happen anywhere, anytime. You can use these breathing techniques if you find yourself becoming anxious or stressed.

  • Practice breathing from your abdomen, taking slow, thoughtful breaths that fill your belly.
  • Exhale slowly as you appreciate the oxygen moving through your body. 
  • Continue to breathe with this intention for 1-2 minutes.

Practice this breathing throughout the day and especially anytime you begin to feel anxious. This way your anxiety can become a cue to relax rather than to tense up further. Read more on the importance of breathing on the Healthy Heels blog.

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