Healing From Racial Trauma For Faculty, Staff, and Mental Health Providers

Video Toolkit to Support the Well-being of Students of Color
: This video series features scholars and practitioners from across the country who provide evidence-based information for faculty, staff, and providers to foster a positive learning environment and support the mental health and well-being of students of color.

Academics for Black Survival and Wellness was organized by a group of Black counseling psychologists and their colleagues who practice Black allyship.  Guided by a Black feminist frame, we hope to foster accountability and growth for non-Black people and enhance healing and wellness for Black people. â€‹Academics cannot stay silent about anti-Black racism. Academics cannot remain silent in the face of racial injustice. Everyone needs to do their part. 

Racial Reconciliation: Do White Therapists Talk to Their White Clients About Race by Hayden C. Dawes, LCSW

An Invitation to White Therapists by H.C. Dawes     

For Managers:

- How to Manage When Things Aren't Ok and Haven't Been for Centuries

- So You've Declared Black Lives Matter. Now What?

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