Mindful Awareness of Your Thought Process

Your thoughts are like clouds passing through the sky, your field of awareness.  Just noticing and letting go of your thoughts without judging or evaluating these thoughts can free you from the constraints of constant worry and analyzing.  This takes a lot of practice. Thankfully, learning to meditate can help. Try this simple “Cultivate Mindfulness” exercise.

Cultivate Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness is moment to moment non-judgmental awareness.

Just as the muscles of our body hold on to stress and tension so does the mind hold on to tension by attending rigidly to our judgments and negative emotions. If we spend any time noticing what is going on in our minds, we will see that we are almost always judging and evaluating. "I could have/should have done that better." "I resent the way that person spoke to me last week." "I am worried that I am not going to be prepared for that presentation or test next week and everyone will think I'm a fool."

Cultivating mindfulness in our daily experiences and activities is a very effective way to counteract our tendency to judge and hold on to negative emotions.
Practice mindfulness by setting aside at least 10 or 15 minutes of quiet time each day in which you suspend your judgments and normal problem-solving activity in order to just "be".

Practice giving your full attention to one activity at a time (rather than multi-tasking).  Great opportunities to practice include: preparing a meal, eating a meal, washing dishes, brushing teeth, taking a shower, taking a walk outside, and working in the garden.

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