Finding Medical Information Online

We know you want reliable info about the medical conditions that impact you. That's why we've put info about the medical issues that many students deal with in college on the right sidebar. We also included reliable sites to find more information. 

Reliable sites for general health information:

Finding more info online:

Google is a simple way to search for health info. Here are tips to help you recognize reliable online health articles. 

  • Consider the source. Sites maintained by governmental agencies, medical schools, professional medical organizations, and major disease-specific nonprofit organizations are generally trustworthy.
  • Be sure the authors are identified by name, credentials and institution and that information is given by qualified health professionals, unless clearly stated otherwise.
  • Read the description of the purpose of the sponsoring organization.
  • Search for a statement of the sources of funding of the site.
  • Check for clear documentation of the original source of the information.
  • Be alert for bias in the way information is presented. 
  • Check for the date of information. Medical information Is outdated quickly.
  • Be sure you can tell the advertising from editorial and information content. Look for a description of the site's advertising policy.
  •  Be sure online shopping is clearly separated from editorial and information content. 
  • Check the site for a statement on protecting your confidentiality regarding personal medical information, patterns of use and interests, etc.
  • If you have to register, know how your personal information will be used.
  • Look for mailing addresses and telephone numbers of the organization, in addition to an email address. Can you find the Webmaster's email address easily throughout the site.
  • Don't trust a site willing to give you a virtual diagnosis.
  • Make sure the information in the site is designed to support and not replace your relationship with your health care provider.
  • If you think something seems odd, it probably is.
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