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Physical Activity

You may have heard it before but we will say it again -- getting regular physical activity is a critical part of staying healthy. Moving your body every day helps stave off physical ailments and support your mental wellbeing. 

If the activity is fun for you, then you are more likely to stay motivated. Try thinking outside the box; physical activity is more than just running or biking.

Activities you can do on campus or near UNC:


Exercise Injuries

How to prevent and treat exercise-related injuries

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Get Outside!

Encouragement to move your body outside including resources to find outdoor spaces near campus

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Heat and Exercise

Strategies to prevent heat-related problems during exercise

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Physical Activity FAQs

Benefits of exercise and tips for how to exercise most effectively.

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Tips for Getting Started

Thinking about starting a physical activity program? Here are tips to help you succeed

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Types of Exercise

The three types of exercises you need when creating a physical activity routine

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