Alcohol and Other Drugs

Decisions concerning alcohol consumption are a personal choice. We believe students should make informed use decisions. For students who are not 21, the only legal choice is to abstain from drinking but for those students who do choose to consume alcohol, we recommend that you do so in a low-risk manner to reduce negative outcomes associated with alcohol use.

The term “other drugs” refers to any drug besides alcohol.  Though other drug use is less prevalent on college campuses than alcohol, evidence shows the risks of negative outcomes are increased with use of these substances.

From a community perspective, alcohol and other drug use on college campuses has been linked to many negative personal and community experiences, including academic consequences, such as missing class or poor performance, social consequences, and even legal consequences such as vandalism and assault.

Alcohol impairs judgment.  The more a person drinks, the more likely that person is to do something they might regret.

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