Campus EMS

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To serve as trusted student liaisons by providing confidential, competent, and high-quality basic life support, ensuring that the needs and safety of all of the Carolina community are met.

Hours of Operation

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 7pm-3am

Operational in fall 2021!

What Campus EMS Does

  • Facilitates strong relationships with students as well as outside EMS agencies
  • Bridges the gap between UNC students and subsequent resources such as Orange County EMS, UNC Public Safety, Chapel Hill Fire Department, and UNC department of housing
  • Serves as an immediate resource to promptly assess and meet the most crucial of needs 
  • Answers general health and safety concerns after Campus Health operating hours

Campus EMS can:

  • Respond to any medical emergency that occurs on university property
  • Provide stabilizing medical care and Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Provide important information pertaining to many injuries and conditions
  • Ensure proper hand off and thorough reports to subsequent providers

Campus EMS cannot:

  • Respond to events or emergencies which occur off campus (call 911!)
  • Provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) or perform invasive procedures
  • Transport patients to hospitals independent of local EMS/Fire agencies
  • Diagnose conditions or prescribe/provide medications


UNC Campus EMS is funded through UNC Campus Health as well as through generous donations from the community. Any donations to our mission are greatly appreciated!

UNC Campus EMS would like to give a special thanks to UNC Parents Council for their donation to assist with crucial start-up equipment. We greatly appreciate the UNC Parents Council’s support of UNC Campus EMS in our pursuit of service for the Carolina community.


Jimmy Petrongelli Jr.

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Associate Director

Erica Scherer

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Operations Officer

Danielle Schmidt

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Logistics Officer

Sarah Flexman

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Training Officer

Cody Woolverton

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Executive Board

Ishan Khosla

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Sarah Torzone

Headshot of Sarah Torzone

Eligibility for General Body Membership

  • Registered for at least 3 credit hours at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Must maintain a GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • Hold a current EMT-B or higher and current CPR certification

Requirements for Active Members

  • Meet general body membership requirements and are willing to commit the minimum number of working hours and continued education requirements
  • Required to complete one shift weekly
  • Continued education hour requirement of 24 annually

Join us!

  • Upcoming interest meetings: coming mid fall 2020
  • Applicants will be subjected to a screening process comprising a written application and interview as well as a skills assessment. Following admission to the program, student EMTs will be required to complete an ongoing education requirement once a semester.

Apply for Campus EMS