Meet Dr. Jennie Emery

January 25, 2018

Dr. Jennie Emery is a Primary Care Physician at Campus Health.

Dr. Emery grew up in a small town in southern Maine. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of New England in Maine and continued on to medical school there. She completed her residency in Danville, Virginia for Family Medicine, and came to UNC directly out of residency.

UNC has felt like a great fit for Dr. Emery since she joined Campus Health in August 2017.  “I love college health medicine. Students are impressionable and gracious. They ask good questions and I find it fun to navigate those!” She also noted the diverse and inclusive culture of campus and her appreciation for finally having a college athletic program to support.

Dr. Emery hopes to survive her first year at UNC, including an upcoming maternity leave (congratulations!), and come back prepared to have “a bit bigger footprint next year.” She specifically noted her interest in getting more involved with the Diabetes Committee when she returns.

Medical interests for Dr. Emery include sexual health, mental health, and preventative medicine. “This is a great age group to talk about establishing healthy behaviors to prevent chronic illness down the road,” Dr. Emery commented. Her advice to students included establishing exercise routines, eating healthy foods, avoiding peer pressure for drugs, limiting alcohol use, and establishing good social relationships.

While Dr. Emery loves being a physician, she did say that if she could be anything else as a career, she would be a ballerina and the animal most representing her personality is a cat. Her superpower? Being a mom.

You can find Dr. Emery in the primary care clinic of Campus Health, golfing with her family, or enjoying watching UNC athletics or the New England Patriots.

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