2021-2022 Campus Health Advisory Board

October 8, 2021

The Campus Health Advisory Board is a diverse group of students and post-doctoral fellows who attend regular meetings to provide insight from a student and post-doc perspective on Campus Health services and programs. Please contact any of these folks with ideas for Campus Health. 

Undergraduate Representatives

Chika Adiele (chika@email.unc.edu)

Ananya Tadikonda (ananyat@live.unc.edu)

Gabriela de Almeida Silva (gsilva13@live.unc.edu)

Estefany Y Barajas Valadez (estef@email.unc.edu)

America Juarez-Maldonado (ajuarezm@live.unc.edu)

Ethan Phillips (Ethan_Phillips@unc.edu)

Nidhi Oruganti (nidhirao@live.unc.edu)

Campus Health Social Work Intern

Jazmin Jimenaz (jazminj@ad.unc.edu)

Campus Health Communication Intern

Holly Atkinson (hollyatk@live.unc.edu)

Graduate Representatives

Erin Day (erincd@live.unc.edu)

Summer Hill (hillsum@email.unc.edu)

Amanda Smythers (asmytheer@email.unc.edu)

Post Doc Representatives

Alan Marsh (Alan_Marsh@med.unc.edu)


In addition, stakeholders from around campus and within Campus Health participate in the conversations and would welcome your thoughts and feedback about Campus Health services and programs.

Faculty/Staff Representatives

Andy Andrews, Chair, Associate Vice Counsel

Jordan Todd, Vice Chair, Senior HR Consult, VC for Research (jltodd@email.unc.edu)

Beverly Wyrick, Director of Finance & Administration, Grad School (Beverly_Wyrick@unc.edu)

Kate McAnulty, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Grad School (kmcanulty@unc.edu )

Campus Health Representatives

Kim McCown (kmccown@email.unc.edu), Director of Business and Support Services

Amy Sauls (asauls@email.unc.edu), Director of Pharmacy and Professional Services


Tiffany Bailey (tmbailey@email.unc.edu), Director for Accessibility Resources & Services

Dean Blackburn (blackburn@unc.edu), Director, Student Wellness

Thevy Chai (cts0715@email.unc.edu), Director, Medical Services

DeVetta Holman-Copeland (dholman@email.unc.edu), Resiliency and Student Support Programs Coordinator, Student Wellness

Allen O’Barr (aobarr@email.unc.edu), Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

Ken Pittman (pittmank@email.unc.edu), Campus Health Executive Director

Bettina Shuford (beshufor@email.unc.edu), Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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