2019-2020 Campus Health Advisory Board

Meet your 2019 - 2020 Campus Health Advisory Board members.

The Campus Health Advisory Board includes (front row L to R):  ​Shaher Yousef, Erin Day, Emily Pelehach, Emma Caponigro, (back row L-R) ​Margaux Wetendorf, Gabrella Behailu, Laetitia Meyrueix, Hannah Brown, Karly Smith, Jordan Garrick, Chika Adiele​. 

These students and post-docs attend regular meetings at Campus Health to provide insight from a student and post-doc perspective on Campus Health services and programs. Please contact any of these folks with ideas for Campus Health. 

Shaher Yousef

  • Senior Neuroscience major
  • Activities: Premed Association and former UNC HC Volunteer
  • Health and medical interests: Neurology, Psychiatry, Surgery
  • Why CHAB? "To represent undergraduates / offer an undergraduate perspective and engage in conversation pertaining to Campus Health."
  • Contact: yousefs@live.unc.edu

Erin Day

  • 2nd year PhD student in Chemistry
  • Activities: Association of Chemistry Graduate Students
  • Health and medical interests: Disability Advocacy
  • Why CHAB? "To connect graduate students with the university."
  • Contact: erincd@live.unc.edu 

Emily Pelach

  • 2nd Year MSW Graduate Student
  • Activities: Behavioral Health Consultant at UNC Campus Health, 2014 Buckley Public Service Scholar, Alumna of APPLES Service Learning and the National Service Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega
  • Health and medical interests: Mental and behavioral health, addressing health care disparities
  • Why CHAB?: "I hope to use my background in mental health and collegiate marketing to increase access to healthcare and enhance health literacy for UNC students. I recognize the impact that various identities (i.e., race, gender, (dis)ability, sexual orientation) have on individuals’ experiences in navigating the healthcare system and hope to create a positive and equitable experience for all."
  • Contact: empel31@live.unc.edu 

Emma Caponigro

  • Senior Health Policy and Management major with minors in Chemistry and Spanish for the Medical Professions
  • Activities: Co-Chair of the Mental Health Task Force of Student Government, the pre-health society Alpha Epsilon Delta, Disability Advisory Committee, research at the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, Buckley Public Service Scholars Program
  • Health and medical interests: Mental health, health policy, quality of and access to care, disability health, health communication, universal health coverage.
  • Why CHAB? "I have experience with multiple facets of health care as the Co-Director of the Mental Health Task Force of Student Government and through my major, internships, shadowing and my own experience as a patient. ON CHAB, I will use these experiences to advocate for the wellness of all students while remembering that my experiences do not represent everyone else's experiences and looking at health through an intersectional lens."
  • Contact: emmacap@live.unc.edu

Margeaux Wetendorf

  • Postdoctoral Fellow Year 3
  • Activities: DNA Day Connect, Carolina Admires Community Outreach
  • Health and medical interests: Pregnancy, reproductive medicine
  • Why CHAB? To act as a representative for postdoctoral fellows
  • Contact: wetendor@med.unc.edu

Gabrella Behailu

  • Junior Advertising and Communications Major
  • Activities: OASIS, Couture Magazine
  • Why CHAB? "Promoting positive well being for student body through social media."
  • Contact gabrella@live.unc.edu

Laetitia Meyrueix

  • 4th year Nutrition PhD Student
  • Activities: Co-Editor-in-Chief of Nutribites, GPSF Nutrition Senator, GPSF External Appointee for SLAB, SCONC Intern, GWIS Collaborations Coordinator
  • Health and medical interests: Women's health, maternal & child health, public health, nutrition, mental health, preventative medicine
  • Why CHAB? "I am interested in advocating for the needs of the graduate and professional students at UNC. Health is integral to student success and it is important to communicate the needs of graduate and professional students."
  • Contact: lmeyruei@email.unc.edu

Karly Smith

  • Junior Sociology and African American Studies majors
  • Activities: P.E.A.C.E., Malawi Woyee! The Carolina Malawi Partnership
  • Health and medical interests: Mental Health
  • Why CHAB? "I care about health education. I'm very passionate about mental health access, especially for minorities."
  • Contact: kkarly@live.unc.edu

Jordan Garrick

  • Senior Public Relations major and History minor
  • Activities: UNC Undergraduate Student Government, Carolina Tap Ensemble
  • Health and medical interests: Mental health and Type 1 Diabetes
  • Why CHAB? "I want to be able to bring my unique perspective and experience working in health related roles to continue the great work that the committee does."
  • Contact: jleolag@live.unc.edu

Chika Adiele

  • Sophomore Global Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies Majors
  • Activities: Zankilawe Dance, SPARK, Carolina Pre-Med, UNC HOSA, NC-HCAP, Xcel
  • Health and medical interests: Mental health, physical health, preventative medicine, healthy eating and habits, and pediatric care/development
  • Why CHAB? "Wanting to spread awareness of mental health specifically pertaining towards college students and minority individuals, help people realize the importance of self-care in living a balanced life, and be an advocate for students needs in their health."
  • Contact: Chika@live.unc.edu