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What Students Say about Campus Health

We know you're wondering - what are students saying about our services? We wondered the same thing - so we asked. If you have something to say about your experience with any of the services at Campus Health, please visit our virtual suggestion box for a variety of ways to provide feedback. And consider taking the Princeton Review Survey about your overall experiences at UNC including a question about health services on campus.

Here are some students' words about Campus Health.

     Quote from UNC Senior "It's really really saved me the last couple of semesters, just having that person to talk to and work on my issues."      Quote from UNC Sophomore "People at Campus Health are really friendly and they don't judge you for whatever problems you might have."     

Some students agreed to be filmed describing their experiences here. You can view all of our student testimonial and staff profile videos, including transcripts, on our Health Heels YouTube Channel.