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Medical Alert Assistance Dog, Rehabilitative Facility Dog

REMINGTON is a Medical Alert Assistance Dog who works with Terri Jo Rucinski, coordinator of the physical therapy clinic and staff athletic trainer for the UNC Baseball Team. While Terri Jo is at work, REMINGTON works as a Rehabilitative Facility Dog with the Team, helping players who are recovering from injuries and who are patients at Campus Health. 

REMINGTON is part of a litter born June 13th, 2014 to paws4people®, Inc., a Wilmington, N.C. nonprofit organization that raises, trains and places Assistance Dogs with clients at no cost. The organization provides certification, insurance, and support for the client and dog for the duration of their career.

paws4people began REMINGTON's training when he was 3 days old. paws4people taught REMINGTON to have confience and be well mannered and social by 16 weeks old. In the paws4prisons program, based in 5 West Virginia Correctional Facilities, REMINGTON learned obedience and disabilities skills as well as over 100 commands, laser retrieval, and “reading” written commands from flash cards.

In summer 2016, REMINGTON underwent more than 80 hours of training with students in the UNCW/paws4people Assistance Dog Training Program and paws4people trainers. He passed a series of certification tests administered by paws4people before being placed with Terri Jo and joining the team in August 2016. 

REMINGTON assists with treatments, rehabilitation and emotional support for the athletes and is a source of joy for the team and the fans. You'll see him standing with the team and holding his hat or a glove during the National Anthem, carrying water to umpires and offering up fist bumps and high fives to players. Find REMINGTON on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


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