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The water fountain at the old well. Campus Health Services strives to partner with the University community to provide expert, student-centered, inclusive, and comprehensive health care and wellness promotion to support academic success. We help build skills for a healthy lifetime by fostering resiliency and mastery of self-care in a global environment.

Campus Health Services has been charged with providing ambulatory primary medical care, mental health services and wellness programs along with selected specialty services including gynecology and orthopedics to the eligible Campus Community. Those eligible for services include regularly enrolled students progressing toward a degree, spouses of enrolled students, postdoctoral fellows and spouses, former patients not currently enrolled but expected to return in the immediate future, and selected non-student patients seeking specialized CHS services.


  • An inclusive environment that embraces diversity
  • Confidential personal health information
  • Compassionate care to everyone we serve
  • Empowering students for life long wellness
  • Fiscal responsibility/accountability
  • Honesty and integrity in all we do
  • Respect for all
  • Teamwork and collaboration of staff and students to improve overall services to meet the changing need of the population served
  • Trust and freedom to express opinions
  • Excellence in everything we do

Specifically, Campus Health Services shall:

  1. Create a healthy culture that embraces diversity, rewards excellence, respects individuals and supports learning.
  2. Empower students for lifelong wellness through education and instilling the value of health.
  3. Support creative use of resources to achieve fiscal responsibility and accountability.
  4. Utilize teamwork and collaboration with staff, students and others to improve overall services for meeting the challenging needs of the population served.
  5. Develop effective communication within and among all departments and work teams to better involve staff in effective problem solving, strategic decision making, and   supporting each other in sharing and meeting their objectives.
  6. Provide expert and appropriate consultation to the University Community regarding issues of health and wellness of the Campus community.