Special services

What happens if a student needs specialty care or emergency care not offered by Campus Health?

When the problem is not an emergency, we will help the student locate appropriate specialty care. Often we refer to the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC), which is operated by UNC Hospitals (UNCH). If there is an urgent or emergent problem, we will help the student see an appropriate specialist immediately through an emergency consult or direct referral to the UNCH Emergency Department. Specialty clinics are available on site at Campus Health for Orthopedic needs. The Orange County Rescue Squad has defined triage criteria and will take the student who needs emergency department level care directly to UNC Hospitals.

Does Campus Health cover costs for any services performed at UNC Hospitals?

No. UNC Hospitals is a totally separate organization performing a full range of highly specialized care. Campus Health provides basic primary care with contracted ambulatory specialty clinics for students. In many instances, a student can receive charges from three sources if they must go outside Campus Health for appropriate care: Campus Health, UNC Hospitals, and UNC Faculty Physicians (the organization of medical providers making up the faculty of the School of Medicine and providing most of the professional care at UNC Hospitals and their ambulatory care clinics).

What if a student has a special medical problem?

For students with special medical problems, the transition to campus life can be facilitated by notifying the Campus Health staff of the medical problem, sending copies of pertinent medical records before arrival, and establishing care with a Campus Health physician upon arrival. This will allow referral networks to be established with specialty physicians at UNC Hospitals as appropriate, and integration of services with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services when indicated.

If a student needs allergy shots can they get them at Campus Health?

UNC students who have started an allergy desensitization program (allergy shots) with an allergist can have their injections administered at Campus Health. Please visit http://campushealth.unc.edu/allergy for more information and forms to complete prior to receiving allergy injections at Campus Health. To speak with a nurse for more information or to get started, please call Campus Health at 919-966-2281 and ask to speak to the Allergy nurse.

Do I need to have a physical before I begin school at UNC?

No, you do not need a physical, but all new students who are taking four (4) or more hours are required to submit an Immunization and Health History Form. The form can be found on http://connectcarolina.unc.edu under the “Enrolling Student” tab. A list of required immunizations can be found at http://campushealth.unc.edu/immunizations. Please call 919-966-2283 or email the Immunization Coordinator at immunizations@unc.edu with any questions.

Is transportation available to Campus Health?

Yes. The Point to Point (P2P) campus shuttle will transport a student from anywhere on campus to Campus Health upon request. Return transportation can be provided if considered necessary by our nurse or doctor. Where there is a concern regarding need for more intensive care, the Orange County Rescue Squad will be called to transport by ambulance to the appropriate facility and there is a charge for this service. 

Does Campus Health provide mental health services?

Counseling and Psychological Services is a part of Campus Health and is the primary provider of mental health services on campus. In addition, Campus Health provides a social work intern who assists primary care providers with mental health patient needs.