Pharmacy and Prescriptions

Where/how can I get my prescriptions filled?

Our two on-campus pharmacies are conveniently located on the third floor of Student Stores and in the lower level of the Campus Health building.  It’s easy to transfer your prescriptions to one of our stores, just bring your prescription bottle and one of our Pharmacy Technicians can help, or call the pharmacy of your choice. We also offer over-the-counter medications at a lower price than compared to most retail stores.

Do your Campus Health and Student Stores Pharmacies accept prescription insurance cards?

Yes. Most third party payer prescription insurance cards are accepted.

Can Campus Health help me manage my medication?

Our pharmacists can help with Diabetes Care, and if you are already taking a prescription for ADHD or Psychotropic medication we can fill it for you at one of our facilities.  For more details about ADHD visit the Success with ADHD and the Counseling and Psychological Services pages.