What are your service hours?

See Campus Health's general service hours.

What do I do when Campus Health is closed?

Students are advised to call the main Campus Health number at 919-966-2281. They will hear a brief automated message and if the caller wants to speak with a HealthLink nurse, they will be connected directly by touching "1" on the keypad. HealthLink is a nursing telephone triage advice service that determines: (a) if the situation warrants a referral to UNC Hospitals Emergency Department; (b) if the situation warrants a referral to UNC Urgent Care (c) if directions for symptomatic relief will suffice; or (d) if the condition can wait until the student can go to Campus Health when it reopens.

What if I arrive at Campus Health after-hours and it is closed?

A telephone is available outside the loading dock entry (sheltered from adverse weather) and provides a direct line to Campus Health main number 919-966-2281 that connects the caller to a HealthLink nurse for advice.

If I am sick or hurt after Campus Health closes, will I be able to talk with a physician?

If a student has spoken with a HealthLink nurse, their conversation is a matter of record. The protocol is for the patient to identify oneself. The "on-call" physician is available to speak with the concerned patient.