General questions

What is the role of Campus Health on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus?

Campus Health provides:

  • Accessible, direct health care to UNC-CH students and their spouses.
  • Health education within Campus health and via outreach in areas where students live and work.
  • Training experiences for students as peer advocates in a variety of health concerns such as nutrition, fitness, sexuality, alcohol and other drugs of potential abuse.
  • A voice for health care concerns in the University community and address matters of public health interest.

Does Campus Health have a secure online communication tool?

Yes, we have a secure patient portal that students can access at Use your Onyen and Onyen Password to login. The patient portal allows patients to:

  • Communicate directly, securely and confidentially with the health service
  • Review lab test results
  • Make on-line requests for appointments
  • View portions of their personal health records

Does Campus Health have an electronic health record?

Yes, the Campus Health electronic health record provides streamlined clinical processes and interfaces directly with the laboratory and pharmacy information systems which allows for improved electronic communication among the various departments in Campus Health.  

Will I get appointment reminders?

Yes, Campus Health utilizes both email and text messages to send appointment reminders. To Opt Out of appointment reminder text messages from Campus Health, please call 919-966-2283

Where is Campus Health located?

Between Kenan Football Stadium (gate 6) and UNC Hospitals. Click for detailed directions, including bus routes.

Who is eligible to use Campus Health?

All degree-seeking students and Postdoctoral Fellows who pay the current term Campus Health Fee can use Campus Health and CAPS. 

Spouses of degree-seeking undergraduate students, graduate students and Postdoctoral fellows can receive care at Campus Health and CAPS. Spouses who pay the Campus Health Fee for the term can use Campus Health and CAPS once they show proof of insurance along with proof of their marriage or a notarized affidavit of domestic partnership.