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Payment for Services

ComputerCampus Health will electronically file your primary insurance. Any amount not covered by insurance, including deductibles and co-insurance, will be considered your responsibility and transferred to your student account at the  Office of the University Cashier.

If you do not want Campus Health to file your insurance for labs, you will need to tell the Lab staff before they perform any lab tests.

If you want to pay for the charges, you will have to wait to pay until the lab test results are received. Please contact the Campus Health Billing Office two days after the lab tests are performed by calling (919) 966-6588.

Prescription co-pays can be paid at the place the prescription is picked up - at Student Stores Pharmacy, located on the 3rd floor of the Daniels Bldg. or at the Healthy Heels Shoppe in the basement of Campus Health. This prevents the co-pay being sent to your student account. 

For information on prescription drug coverage see the Pharmacy web pages. Drug coverage plan benefits for the Student Mandatory Plan, administered by BCBS Student Blue, can be found at Student Blue.

NOTE:  Some health insurance plans limit providers.  Students should be aware of their insurance limitations before using Campus Health and review which insurance plans consider Campus Health in-network. Campus Health Pharmacy and Student Stores Pharmacy are in-network with most pharmacy benefit plans.

Payment Options at Campus Healthcheck

  • Cash 
  • Check 
  • UNC One Card 
  • Master Card, Visa or Discover (including HSA)
  • Charge to Student Account at the Office of the University Cashier in the Student and Academic Service Building (SASB) North


The Office of Student Accounts and University Receivable will apply any unpaid charges from Campus Health to your University account. These charges appear on your electronic tuition bill as "Campus Health INV" along with the claim number. The posting is not specific to the exact nature of the service. The date of the charge indicates when it was placed on your student account, not the date of the service at Campus Health.

Payment of Bills

Once a charge is transferred to the Office of the University Casheir, the student must make payment to that office (919-962-1368).