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Charges Covered by the Campus Health Fee

The Campus Health fee, paid as a part of tuition and fees, provides the following services without a charge: 

  • Unlimited provider visits in the Primary Care Clinics
  • Unlimited provider visits at Gynecology
  • Unlimited Sports Medicine visits including musculoskeletal evaluation, concussion care and rehabilitation
  • Any patient-portion charges for Physical Therapy after insurance has paid for services rendered
  • Any patient-portion charges for nutrition counseling after insurance has paid for services rendered
  • Counseling and Psychological Services initial assessment, brief  therapy if warranted by initial assessment, group therapy, referral management and any copays/coinsurance after insurance has been filed for the first Medication Evaluation and Management visit
  • Access to the on-site Campus Health Pharmacy, Student Stores Pharmacy, and Healthy Heels Shoppe including personal counseling about prescriptions by a pharmacist
  • Access to specialty care within Campus Health at significant savings compared to community charges, including Orthopedics and Travel Clinic
  • Regular protocols recognized by the University for considering the student’s health status as it relates to academic performance (course drops and withdrawal from school for medical reasons). These are called academic interventions for medical and psychological reasons
  • Sexual assault counseling
  • Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist
  • Preconception and pregnancy counseling
  • Nurse consultations on a variety of health-related issues, including Gynecology, Sports Medicine, etc.
  • Campus Public Health and collaboration with Health Agencies
  • Secure web interactions with the medical team
  • Specialty clinic referral service and insurance assistance
  • 24 hours nurse advice line and on-call physician access
  • 24 hour on call student crisis support
  • The Campus Health Fee also funds health promotion and violence prevention services offered by Student Wellness.

Some charges are not covered by the campus health fee.