Stress and Anxiety

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Stress can originate from academic pressure, relationship issues, unhealthy habits, excessive expectations (our own and others), loss and transition, etc. Stress is part of life and not inherently good or bad. Stressful challenges can be positive and promote personal growth. When stress is not managed effectively though, we may get “stressed out” and experience, for example, physical aches and pains, worried thoughts and feelings, self criticism, moodiness, lack of motivation or being too driven.

Steps to manage stress:

  1. Look over our Anxiety and Stress Management Training Session and the iTunes Relaxation Audio Files
  2. Check out each of the articles on the right, as well as our other health topics (linked below and on the left).

Consistent sleep patterns, regular exercise and physical activity, and good nutrition are the cornerstones for a healthy lifestyle and effective stress management. We also need healthy, satisfying relationships and regular periods of relaxation and social activity. Decisions about alcohol and substance use and sexual behavior will affect our level of stress. Furthermore, our time management and study skills will play an important role in meeting academic challenges and stress.