Summer Care

Summer Care
May 4, 2020

UNC students may still access Campus Health during the summer. Due to Summer 2020 remote learning environment a health fee will not be assessed to summer school students as part of tuition and fees. To be eligible for accessing clinical services at Campus Health, you must:

  • Have paid a health fee in the 2020 spring semester (a part of tuition/fees), AND
  • Did not graduate May 2020, AND
  • Pay the Summer Access Charge

The Summer Access Charge applies to both onsite and virtual (telemedicine) visits in Campus Health and CAPS. The Access Charge may be placed on student accounts (paid by calling patient accounts at 919-966-6588) or may be paid at time of service at patient accounts on the 2nd floor of Campus Health in Admin East for those receiving onsite care.

Rates for summer session time frames are as follows:

  • Summer I (May 13 – June 21, 2020):  $50.00
  • Summer II (June 22 – Aug 11, 2020): $50.00
  • Both sessions (May 13 - Aug 11, 2020) $100.00


  • Those who only access CAPS groups do not need to pay the Summer Access Charge.
  • Students who graduate in May 2020 may access services at Campus Health through June 9 (30 days following graduation) without paying the Summer Access Charge.
  • You may use the Campus Health Pharmacy, Student Stores Pharmacy and the International Travel Clinic during the summer session without paying the summer access charge.