Waive Questions

What are the policy requirements for waiving?

The policy that you use to waive the mandatory health insurance plan must be considered creditable coverage, have a policy begin date effective by September 1 for the fall semester or by February 1 for the spring semester and must cover you for the entire semester you are waiving.

What health insurance plans are considered creditable coverage?

Health insurance coverage under any of the following:

  • a group health plan
  • individual health insurance
  • student health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program;
  • Indian Health Service
  • the Peace Corps
  • Public Health Plan (any plan established or maintained by a State, the U.S. government, a foreign country)
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or
  • a state health insurance high risk pool

Can short-term health insurance be used to waive Student Blue?

Yes.  As long as that plan covers you for the entire semester.

Can Medicaid be used to waive out of Student Blue?

Yes. Medicaid is considered creditable coverage. The only exception to this would be where the Medicaid coverage is limited to Family Planning only.  Family Planning is not considered creditable coverage and the waiver will be denied.

Who is required to show proof of insurance?

It is a requirement of enrollment for all eligible students to have active health insurance. All students seeking treatment at Campus Health are required to show proof of insurance.

What if a student waives, but a week later drops the insurance plan they used when waiving?

It is a requirement of enrollment for all eligible students to have health insurance. Not having health insurance is a breach of the student conduct code since continuous insurance coverage is required for each semester.

Will insurance waivers be checked and verified each semester? Does a student need to waive each semester?

Waivers are checked and verified each semester. Students are required to have an approved waiver for each semester to have the insurance charge removed from their University account.

Can I waive with health insurance I just purchased?

To waive, an insurance policy must be effective (active) on or before September 1 for the fall semester and on or before February 1 for the spring semester. If your insurance is effective after those dates, you cannot waive out using that insurance until the waive/enroll opens for the next semester.

What do I do if I waived out of the UNC Student Health Insurance Plan and my insurance ends?

If you waived out of the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan and have a Qualifying Life Event (for example: age off your parent's insurance or insurance is lost due to a job loss) you can contact BCBS directly at 1-888-351-8283 to purchase the student insurance for the remainder of the semester coverage period. Qualifying Life Event insurance enrollment needs to be done within 30 days of losing your previous insurance. Your insurance effective date depends on your enrollment date.