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Mandatory Student Health Insurance / Hard Waiver Process

All eligible students enrolled in the UNC System Colleges and Universities, including UNC-Chapel Hill, are required to have health insurance coverage.

This does not mean a student must enroll in the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan; it means a student must provide proof of active creditable health insurance, and enrolling in the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan is one means to meet that requirement. A student is encouraged to compare the UNC System Plan against other options, e.g., being a dependent on a parent’s health insurance plan, having an employer’s health insurance plan, having individual plan coverage through another source.

The UNC System endorses a cost-effective Student Health Insurance Plan that covers most health care expenses not included in the Campus Health Fee. This plan is administered by Blue Cross / Blue Shield of North Carolina called Student Blue.

Each semester the Student Health Insurance (insurance premium) is added to all eligible students' University accounts.  Eligible students must enroll to activate their insurance or complete the online waiver process with their own creditable insurance coverage before the deadline each semester. Once the waiver is verified and approved, the premium will be credited to the student’s account.

As of Fall 2015, the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan no longer has benefits for spouses and dependents. Review Health Insurance Options to evaluate other available creditable insurance.



Important Notes:                                                                                     

  • A completed, verified and approved WAIVER is required each semester if you do not wish to participate in the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • To waive, an insurance policy must be effective (active) by September 1 for the fall semester or by February 1 for the spring semester. If your insurance is effective after those dates, you can waive out using that insurance when waive/enroll opens for the next semester. If searching to purchase a health insurance policy, please allow adequate time. Depending on the insurance you are looking at, it could take up to 45 days or more to become effective.
  • To participate in the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan, eligible students should ENROLL online at the Student Blue website for UNC-Chapel Hill each semester before August 1 or January 1 to  activate the policy. The policy must be active if you need to see a doctor, fill a prescription or if you have an accident. Students may waive and enroll using the StudentHealthNAV app for iOS and Android.
  • For specific information about the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan benefits and rates go to Student Blue for UNC-Chapel Hill and select Plan Benefits. Student Blue can be reached with WAIVE/ENROLL/RENEW questions by email at or by calling 1-888-351-8283.
  • Questions about WAIVE/ENROLL/RENEW can also be directed to Campus Health at .