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HIV Testing Services

HIV testing is available in the Primary Care and Women’s Health clinics. The Healthy Heels Shoppe offers HIV over-the-counter HIV testing options.

The details below are provided to help you decide where to make an appointment for testing and/or counseling.

HIV Tests Available at Campus Health Services and Student Wellness

    Antibody Blood Test Rapid Oral Test Rapid HIV Antigen / Antibody Blood Test Over the Counter Blood Test
What the test detects   HIV antibodies only HIV antibodies only HIV antibodies and p24 antigen HIV antibodies only
Where in CHS is this test provided?


Through Primary Care and Women’s Health Clinics

Available over the counter at the Healthy Heels Shoppe (no appt. needed)




Through Student Wellness, Primary Care, or Women’s Health appt.

Through Primary Care and Women's Health Clinics Available at the Healthy Heels Shoppe (no appt. needed)
Phone number for appts. and more info  


919-966-6554 919-966-2281 919-966-6554
Cost* (subject to change without notice. Some cost can be diffused using health insurance)   $58 $25 in clinic, $33 OTC $35 $54.63
Time to receive results   Approx.  2-3 days Approx.  30 minutes Approx. 30 minutes Approx. 30 minutes
Length of appt. time   Approx. 15-30 minutes In appts: Approx.  60  minutes or less, depending on counseling 10 - 15 minutes, depending on questions for provider Not applicable

*Updated January 2018

Other STI Testing 

Students can be tested for other sexually transmitted infections (STI) during Campus Health appointments as well. For more information, please see our STI Testing page.

Lab Testing Payment at CHS

STI evaluation requires laboratory testing. Your insurance information is necessary for you to be checked in for services at CHS. Unless you take specific action, CHS will electronically file your insurance. If you are covered by your parent's insurance, an explanation of benefits will be forwarded to the insurance policyholder. If do not want CHS to automatically file your insurance, you will need to let the CHS lab staff know before any lab tests are performed. This will mean you will be responsible for any charges incurred. To pay your lab charges, you will need to wait until lab test results are received. Please contact CHS Billing Office at (919) 966-6588 two days after the lab tests are performed. If the billing information is available, you can pay for your laboratory services over the telephone with a credit card, or you may pay in person with cash, check or a credit card. If you do not pay CHS the charges will be sent to your UNC student account.

Protected Confidentiality 

Campus Health Services offers confidential HIV testing.  The test result becomes a part of a student's Campus Health Services medical record and is protected by state confidentiality laws.  Release of any HIV test result requires a specific consent from the patient for release.  In the case of a confirmed positive HIV test result, the patient name will be reported to the state health department as required by North Carolina law.

HIV Antibodies test 

Aside from the rapid HIV blood test, all the tests outlined above check for antibodies to HIV. Antibodies are cells that the immune system produces when exposed to a pathogen.  It is not known how long each person’s body needs to form antibodies, so it is recommended that you repeat the HIV test 1-3 months after any possible exposure to HIV to be sure that you are negative. If antibodies are detected (a positive blood or rapid oral result), then additional testing is needed to confirm or exclude HIV infection.

For more information on HIV testing and prevention, we recommend these websites:

If you or your partner are out of the UNC area and want to get tested for HIV, call 1.800.342.AIDS or go to for the location of a testing site in your area.