Before Your Colposcopy

Why do I need a Colposcopy?

You need a colposcopy because your Pap smear showed some abnormal cells. The Pap smear is only a screening test and an abnormal result does not mean you have cancer or that you should be worried. It does mean that your doctor needs to look at your cervix with a microscope to see clearly any areas that might be a problem. If abnormal cells are seen, then more testing may be needed to help prevent cancer from developing in the future.

What is a Colposcopy?

A colposcopy is a procedure which allows the doctor to look at the cells of your cervix using a microscope. The cervix is the area of tissue at the end of the uterus (the womb). This instrument is called a colposcope, which is a microscope with a light. The colposcope does not touch your body. It lets the doctor see cells that might be causing the pap smear to be abnormal.

How do I prepare for a Colposcopy?

Do not have sex or use creams in the vagina for 24 hours before your colposcopy appointment. If you are having heavy bleeding with your monthly period, please call (919) 966-2281 to reschedule your appointment. Light bleeding is not a problem. You should eat before coming to the clinic.