During Your Colposcopy

What happens during a Colposcopy?

Your doctor will paint your cervix with a clear vinegar solution that will make any abnormal cells easier to see.

How will I feel during the Colposcopy?

During the colposcopy most patients feel no discomfort. Some feel a little stinging from the vinegar solution. Your legs may become shaky or tired, but your nurse will be there to assist you.

How will I feel during the biopsy?

You will be awake during the procedure. Some patients feel mild to moderate cramping. Unless you have been advised otherwise, you may take Ibuprofen or Tylenol one hour before the colposcopy.

What is the biopsy like?

An instrument is used to take a small sample of tissue from your cervix in one or more places. You may feel a strong pinch or cramp. This is called a cervical biopsy. The doctor may need to remove some cells from inside of the cervix. You may feel mild to severe cramping if this is needed. Taking ibuprofen or Tylenol before you come may decrease cramping.