FAQs about ADD - ADHD

ADD/ADHD medication might help me but I have never been prescribed them. How do I get on medication?

Your Campus Health provider needs specific documentation of the testing that was done to diagnose your ADD/ADHD in order to prescribe the appropriate medication for you. The required testing is not conducted at Campus Health.

  1. Find a provider to test you for ADD/ADHD. We have compiled a list of community testing provider to help you with this process.
  2. Submit the required documentation to Campus Health.

I have been tested for and diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, and I am already on medication. How do I get a Campus Health provider to write a prescription for the medication that I take?

  1. Make an appointment with a Campus Health medical provider.
  2. Submit documentation of the standardized objective testing supporting the ADD/ADHD diagnosis, pertinent medical records, and your prescription medication bottles. You can bring this to your Campus Health medical provider appointment, email it to, or fax it to 919-966-4605, Attn: Health Information Management.
  3. The Campus Health medical provider will do the following at the initial appointment:
    • Check your blood pressure and heart rate
    • Review your medical history including personal and family history of heart related conditions. You may need additional evaluation depending on your personal or family health history.
    • Review the Campus Health Stimulant Medication Contract. You must agree to and sign the contract to obtain a prescription for medication. You may view the contract prior to your visit on the Campus Health website.
  4. Subsequent appointments for monitoring will include a monthly visit with a Campus Health medical provider until medication therapy is stabilized. At these appointments, the provider will check your heart rate and blood pressure as well as review your health history and medication side effects. Once medication is stabilized, you will return to see your provider every three months in order to check heart rate, blood pressure, and effectiveness of the medications.

I have a medical provider who writes my prescriptions for medications to treat ADD/ADHD. How do I get these filled at Campus Health Pharmacy or Student Stores Pharmacy?

Campus Health Pharmacy and Student Stores Pharmacy fill prescriptions for ADD/ADHD medications that are written by Campus Health providers or outside providers. A Campus Health Pharmacist will review with you the Campus Health Stimulant Medication Contract. You must agree to and sign the contract to obtain your prescription for medication.

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